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Volvo & John Deere graders.


- Road top maintenance

- Wheel packer

- Plow snow

- Ice blade


Snow Cat:

Bombadier/Prinoth Snow Cats.


- Freeze down winter access roads.

- Plow snow.

- Trail Grooming.

Brush Saw:

Bi-directional tractors with 10'-12' push mowers.


- Small vegetation control.

- Vegetation clearing on lease roads.

Other Equipment:

Skid Steer with attachments.

     - Bucket

     - Snow Bucket

     - 6 Way Blade

     - Hydro Axe

     - Mulcher


John Deere Rubber Tired Back Hoe..


D6 Cat.


D3 Cat.


Gravel Trucks.

     - Belly Dump

     - Truck and Pup

Brush Saw.


- Cuts down trees on roadway.

Heavy Hot Shot:

Heavy Hot Shot Service.


- 10' X 30' tilt flat deck truck.


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