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Our Mission:





Bare Contractors Ltd. Mission is to supply our services to our customers with 100% commitment to quality of work, safety and following government rules and regulations with no harm to the environment.




Bare Contractors Ltd. and its employee’s will follow all laws when driving Bare Contractors Ltd vehicles. Bare Contractors Ltd employees will report all incidents or accidents and any repairs needed to company vehicles to keep company vehicles in the proper working order. Bare Contractors Ltd employees will have all appropriate licenses needed to drive company vehicles.




Bare Contractors Ltd. and its employees will strive to do all we can to not do any damage to the environment.




Bare Contractors Ltd. and its employees will handle and dispose of all wastes in accordance to all government guidelines and Bare Contractors Ltd rules and regulations





Bare Contractors Ltd. was started by Harold and Helen Bellwood in 1978 when Harold bought a single grader to keep his family in Fox Creek. Harold worked North of Fox Creek around Iosegun Lake for Chevron Canada now operating as Trilogy. After a year Harold bought his second grader and as his and as his workload increased he bought whatever equipment was required to get the job done.


Harold parked his equipment out at the Chevron office at the freshwater plant for 24 years until a shop and yard became available in Fox Creek in 1980. As the company grew so did the need for more space, so in 2009 Harold bought land just across the road from his shop and built a new shop and office. This is where the Bare Contractors Ltd shop sits today.


Bare Contractors Ltd started out as a one man operation that Harold started to keep his family in Fox Creek and now employs 13 full time employees, including two of his sons, and an aditional 4 students during the summer seasons.





44 Years of Service!

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